I have run many landscape and abstract workshops for groups couples and individuals and have a passion for helping people break through their self limitations. I have seen new students struggle and become frustrated whilst trying to make their paintings work. I've also seen the amazing transformation in students whose confidence and self belief has grown during my workshops. They were able let go have some fun in the process and give themselves permission to paint without any self expectations!

Previous abstract and landscape workshops in Perth Western Australia conducted by Gerald



What People are Saying

''This is just a note to thank you Gerald for your excellent workshop. As usual you displayed a high degree of professionalism and knowledge coupled with a friendly encouraging manner.

Your classes are always enjoyable and importantly your style of teaching, which is focused and structured, enables real learning to take place. I particularly appreciated your emphasis on tone and the 'blocking in' method you taught and found it to be very helpful.

Thank you and I look forward to the next workshop''                                                                                                                                Chris

''I think what I enjoyed most about my course with Gerald was his gentle way of putting everyone at ease, regardless of our experience or level of skill. Genuinely interested in each student, he encouraged us to explore techniques and research other opportunities to develop our practice''                                                                                                                                                                                   Jo

''Prior to joining Gerald’s Abstract Workshop I had no experience painting since I left school several decades ago. With great patience Gerald guided our group through colours, mixing shades & different techniques with palette knife and brush.


From being very apprehensive at the beginning I gained much needed confidence with Gerald’s step by step approach. My opinion of my own ability has grown in a positive way since these workshops and I now look forward to putting brush to canvas on a regular basis''