Hello I'm Gerald a West Australian artist originally from the UK specializing in Landscapes and Abstracts using oils acrylics and pastels.

My journey into painting Australian landscapes began in the late 80's. The rich colours dynamic shadows and brilliant light triggered my enthusiasm and an urgency to start painting out in the open air known as 'en plein air'

I was a lecturer for 6 years at the School of Art Design and Media with the West Australian Department of Training and I have been painting landscapes and abstracts in oils acrylics and pastels for over 25 years.

Over the years I have run many landscape and abstract workshops for groups couples and individuals and have a passion for helping people break through their self limitations. I have seen new students struggle and become frustrated whilst trying to make their paintings work. I've also seen the amazing transformation in students whose confidence and self belief has grown during my workshops. They were able let go have some fun in the process and give themselves permission to paint without any self expectations!

My mission is to help as many students as possible discover their abilities and talents during their journey into creating both Landscape and Abstract Paintings.