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1/2 Day Abstract Workshop

In this 1/2 Day Abstract Workshop you'll learn some simple and efective techniquess that will give you the confidence to help you create your own abstracts that actually work! You'll be doing various exercises on Paper to get you painting immediately! These will give you the foundations to prepare you for painting your Major Abstract on a 60cm x 60cm Canvas to take away with you!

Towards the end of the workshop we'll have a short debrief and gallery viewing of all the major abstracts to celebrate your achievements!

What we'll cover in the workshop:

  1. Inroduction to Tools and Techniques

  2. Exploring freeform shapes

  3. Exploring Colour Themes

  4. Composition and balance

  5. How to mix acrylics with a Palette Knife and get the paint on the canvas

  6. Methods to manipulate the paint to form an overall structure that you can further develop

  7. Final exercise on paper that you can use as a basis to create your Major Abstact on Canvas

  8. Workshop debrief and gallery viewing


Bayswater Art Society WA

Many many thanks Gerald for a VERY informative and enjoyable workshop. Truly Bayswater Art Society loved the whole session. You are a natural teacher and we could all see what you were doing and hear your very clear instructions. The results were fantastic! On behalf of the club we wish you every success with the web site and future exhibitions and hopefully see you again. 


Angela Paine 



This is just a note to thank you for your excellent recent workshop Gerald. As usual you displayed a high degree of professionalism and knowledge coupled with a friendly, encouraging manner. Your classes are always enjoyable and importantly your style of teaching, which is focused and structured, enables real learning to take place. I particularly appreciated your emphasis on tone and the 'blocking in' method you taught and found it to be very helpful. Thank you and I look forward to the next workshop!




Trigg Art Group WA 


Gerald  held a workshop for members of the Trigg Art Club W.A and it was a most successful and enjoyable morning. Gerald placed a photo of a hillside landscape on an easel for reference. Members were invited to gather around as he talked us through how to start. We then tried to emulate what he had done using acrylics and palette knife.  Challenging for many of us who had never painted with a palette knife before.  Gerald was walking around advising and encouraging. At each stage of the workshop he talked us through what we needed to do, then supported us as we attempted to work towards the image we were working from. 


Many thanks Gerald 



North Coast Art Group WA


I can recommend Gerald as a tutor or demonstrator to anyone.  He is so easy to be with and gets the best out of artists. Since the workshop the club has had many members asking when he can do another workshop.  We will be happy to invite him back.





Prior to joining Gerald's Abstract Workshop I had no experience painting since I left school several decades ago. With great patience, Gerald guided our group through colours, mixing shades & different techniques with the palette knife, brush to good old gravity.

From being very apprehensive at the beginning, I gained much needed confidence with Gerald’s step by step approach. My opinion of my own ability has grown in a positive way since these workshops & I now look forward to putting brush to canvas on a regular basis.



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